Not Many People Leave Kentucky to Get Their Start in Whiskey


Sometimes careers start in roundabout ways. Upon Graduating from the University of Kentucky in 2010, Forrest knew he needed to find a job permitting him to see the world. Being a military brat gave him the inside scoop on a hotel in Bavaria catering to NATO personnel. Luckily, he got that job and embarked on many trips (44 countries & 48 states), which cumulatively opened his eyes to the ability of food & beverage to bring different cultures together.

Particularly, imbibing is a human favorite no matter where you go. Whether being offered Boukha in Tunisia, Raki in Turkey, or Feigling in Germany, it is almost certainly done with beaming pride and an eager smile that says, "Come! Please enjoy yourself with us the way we like to enjoy ourselves here!"

Of all the ways in which people drink spirits, none seem more pervasive than grain aged in wood, aka Whisk(e)y. Being Whiskey Advisor at such a unique place as Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Washington, D.C. showed firsthand that Kings from the Middle East, Professional Athletes, Tourists from Peru, Farmers from Idaho, The Neighbor down the street, and Politicians from all over the world share a common interest. Whisk(e)y. This special brown liquid has spread its tentacles to nearly every corner of the planet and each place has put its own unique stamp on it. This is what draws Forrest to be a steward of the spirit. The nuances of each style are brilliant and tasty, and he loves to share their discrepancies.

Whisk(e)y is an industry chock-full of passionate people and despite being widespread, only a few delve deep enough to call it their profession. Forrest is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable people around. Enquire to learn more.